Notes/Domino/Quickplace/Sametime 7 available from Partnerworld

by Volker Weber

IBM has made a number of packages available for download from Partnerworld. Find a comprehensive list after the jump:


Good news everybody, the upgraded Notes Client works ... but i am not so sure about the Develop Domino Server, which runs on my laptop under XP. Or has IBM changed the main screen colour to blue? This is one of the worst bluescreens i have seen in the last few month. Well i will investigate this little problem.

Frank Mueller, 2005-08-30

uh, no quickplace for windows!

uh uh, no sametime _and_ quickplace for linux! :-(

Sascha Reissner, 2005-08-30

I was very happy to see Tablet PC support for the core client.

@ Sascha - Give it a few days, I'm sure they'll all appear.

Richard van Geilswyk, 2005-08-30

Yeah, I got Sametime for Windows, but no QuickPlace yet.

As for Linux - they're definitely looking in to that, but it will be a post-7 item. As will, hopefully, having Sametime 7 use Internet Site docs; QP does this, but not ST.

Greg Walrath, 2005-08-30

QP7 for Windows just showed up on Passport Advantage.

Greg Walrath, 2005-08-30

QP7 is avialable now for Windows and in the assembly that has the Domino server, clients, etc. Note from the product manager:

"Looks like there was a part-number-mis-match-dilithium-crystal-overload-thing which is now fixed"

Rob Novak, 2005-08-31

Thanks Greg and Rob, I have updated the list accordingly.

Volker Weber, 2005-08-31

Hmm Domino 7.0 for Linux isn't listening on port 1352 for me :-(.

It seems to work fine, and all other services run, but there is no listener on 1352/tcp.

This server has gone through about every domino release since the 5.0.2 linux sneak preview ;).


Sascha Reissner, 2005-08-31

Das LND7-Download-Angebot ist seit heute wieder erheblich gekürzt worden: So ist z.B. der Notes-Client nicht mehr im Angebot!

Claus Bäumler, 2005-09-02

Das habe ich gerade überprüft und sowohl Notes Client als auch das Paket mit Domino Designer waren noch da.

Volker Weber, 2005-09-02

Aber leider nicht im Passport-Bereich für die lieben Kunden.

Claus Bäumler, 2005-09-03

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