Fancy names

by Volker Weber

Update Rollup 1 for Windows 2000 SP4 V2 beta is released to beta testers, Microsoft plans to release the new pack September 13th.

Update Rollup One for Windows 2000 Service Pack Four Version Two Beta? Microsoft should stop hiring from IBM.



You really think so? After they in a stroke of genius renamed the next version of their server operating system to "Longhorn" once that name was freed up by the artist formerly known as "Longhorn" and now christened "Vista" I'm not so sure that they'll be better off with the old staff. But then, maybe they're subtly hinting that "Vista" is just a branch of the still-in-development-code for the real Longhorn and is pushed to the market so that beta testers ... err ... early adopters ... err ... masses of users with no other choice can iron out the biggest bugs so that the server will only have security holes that can safely be labeled as "low risk" by Microsoft. ;)

Stefan Rubner, 2005-08-31

I suppose IBM *could* hire Microsoft marketing people, then start putting out shoddy code that goes unused (except by the virus makers) but shows great sales numbers?

Get your Programs here; You don't know the patches without your Programs... (Sorry, American baseball reference).

Eric Parsons, 2005-08-31

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