Time for lunch

by Volker Weber



Allegedly very nice with a good Chianti.

Armin Grewe, 2005-08-31

Enjoy your meal!

Martin Hiegl, 2005-08-31

<homer>Mmmm... Scorpions... (drool...)</homer>

Chris Linfoot, 2005-08-31

Are these farmed scorpions or wild ones?

Either way, I bet the suppliers have difficulty getting employee insurance :-)

Mark Smith, 2005-08-31

I feel slightly threatened... let's better roast aries oder capricorns instead! ;-)

Frank Dröge, 2005-08-31

<homer>Mmmm... Goat... (drool...)</homer>

Chris Linfoot, 2005-08-31

how about some delicious grasshoppers:



Roland Dressler, 2005-08-31

Looks like cat food to me.

The cats LOVE to catch scorpions.

esther schindler, 2005-08-31

Well, how did they taste?

Christian Bogen, 2005-08-31

The cats?

EVERYthing tastes like chicken.

Esther Schindler, 2005-08-31

I would rather eat grasshoppers or scorpions than ballot (balut):


Andreas Muth, 2005-09-01

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