Treo 650 now stable again

by Volker Weber

treo650gsm.jpgTreo #5 arrived last week. I synced all the data back in, installed the most important apps and inserted SD card and GSM chip. After one week of continous operation it has not crashed once. However, it has only been running as a backup phone, since I am still running my phone number through the Nokia 9300.

A quick run-up what has happened so far. Treo #1 was a pre-production unit that I used until the final Treo 650 shipped. All subsequent units where from the same batch. After the Treo was announced I switched to #2 which always served me well. There were some issues with VersaMail that went away with the firmware upgrade, but other than that everything was smooth sailing.

Then Treo #2 started developing a problem with the keyboard. The space key would not work all of the time. Instead of having the unit repaired, it was being replaced with #3. That's where the problem started. It kept rebooting when waking up. Within a few days #4 replaced #3 but the problem did not go away. I tried all kinds of remedies but none worked.

I was getting a little wary of the Treo and switched to using the Nokia instead. However it did not make any sense to let this situation go unresolved. I hoped I would be able to recover #2 but that has gone missing in all the swaps. Finally Timm volunteered to swap #4 with #5, a unit he had been using for the same time I had used #2.

So it does not really come as a surprise that this Treo now works as well as #2 did for months.


Not a great track record! Makes me think maybe some of my issues aren't software but are hardware. Pretty much also sours me on one of these for the future. There are lots of things I like about the 650, but it still has to be a reliable phone... My problem is I love having the keyboard, and am not sure I could go to a phone without one now.

Kevan Emmott, 2005-09-01

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