The wiki has moved

by Volker Weber

We have migrated the Usemod wiki to MoinMoin. Stefan did all the hard work. Some pages need editing but for now we have it working.

While the old wiki had to be locked down to protect it from spam, I try to open the new one once again. The only thing you need to do is to create a login. Look at the top of the screen. The smartest choice for a login name is your full name in CamelCase. Mine is VolkerWeber, not vowe.

And don't worry, no link is lost. works just as well as


RSS feed for new Wiki?

Chris Linfoot, 2005-09-05

For Recent Changes it's , so add ?action=rss_rc to the wiki page you want to monitor.

Florian Steinel, 2005-09-05


Chris Linfoot, 2005-09-05

Thanks, Forian. Chris there is now also an RSS icon on the RecentChanges page. This links to a feed with this URL: feed://

Volker Weber, 2005-09-05

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