Inner Peace

by Volker Weber

This just in via IM:

Following a simple advice that I have read in a book of the Dalai Lama, I have finally found inner peace.The step of the book said: "One way in order to catch up the inner peace consists in carrying out all the things that we have started".

Therefore I have watched around, in my house, in order to see all the things that I had begun and left half a way. Before going to work, this morning, I have ended one bottle of Barolo, one of Pampero, one flask of Grappa and the Vodka, the Prozac, four grams of Pakistany, 0.5 gram of coke and one package of mozzarella cheese.

You have no idea how well I feel with myself now...


Let´s make a cocktail recipe of that and call it "Dalai Lama´s Inner Peace". Enough of the "Alcopops".

Ralph Unden, 2005-09-05

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