Why is it so hard to just tell it as it is?

by Volker Weber

From the Notes/Domino forum:

Some of the IBM Lotus Notes/Domino 7 and Extended Products GA files have been temporarily removed from the download site in order to correct a problem with the distribution site. They will be back online soon (within a couple of days). Those who have downloaded the ND7 GA product already should download and install the restored files, once they are available, in order to ensure they've received a properly distributed product. A notice will be posted in this forum when the download files are back online. We apologize for this inconvenience.

WTF? "... in order to correct a problem with the distribution site". Yeah, right. Both the Partnerworld and PassportAdvantage sites have a problem. With exactly the same files. It cannot be the files themselves. No way. It must be the distribution sites. For sure.

Hire some Germans.


Installed Notes and Domino 7 and no probs here...

And what's a "properly distributed product"? Releasing them on both the PartnerWorld and the PAV site is improperly? Are they compromised? A bit more of information could keep up my trust in IBM's internal review methodologies...

my 2ct.

Ralf Stellmacher, 2005-09-05

They've had a meeting with Microsoft and decided to add Product Activation to Notes/Domino. It's the best way to "protect consumers"!

Marcin Szczepanski, 2005-09-06

Perhaps there is a security breach and by advertising it they may be vunerable. Guess we'll find out soon. I didn't upgrade a client this weekend because they pulled it. Don't want to do it twice.

Wayne Scarano, 2005-09-06

Damn, Just installed Domino 7 and Quickplace without any issue on our production servers, now I'm finding Sametime keeps terminating.. Anyone else seen this ??

Why can't we just have the full story so we can make an informed decision...

Andy Dennis, 2005-09-06

No problems with Sametime 7 (Limited Use) here (W32 on 2003).

But I agree completely that htey are not telling the whole story for a reason.

Thankfully, we had just installed a testing environment with a few clients; hadn't planned roll out until after the CDs are published.

Time will tell.

Andy Broyles, 2005-09-06

I am participant of managed Beta program for Domino 7(still active)and also there is only silence.
I already updated 90% of all servers (34 in all domains) and at the moment I dont have any problems or crashes. Also Sametime is running a little bit more stable then with 6.5.1FP1 in my eyes.
I dont use DB2. Longest uptime for 7.0 at the moment: 7 days on Debian (oh sorry not support ;-), ok 6 days 16 hours on W2K3.

Sascha Troll, 2005-09-06

Told like it is:
via my blog :) Thank you for your patience. :)

Ed Brill, 2005-09-07

Posted at http://www.controlscaddy.com/A55A69/bccaddyblog.nsf/plinks/CBYE-6FYUQZ :

Did IBM Create Their Own FUD?"

"Competitors of IBM Lotus Notes/Domino could not have scripted it better. Chris Linfoot calls it "Do it Yourself" FUD (Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt). Volker Weber asks "Why is it so hard to just tell it as it is?". Ed Brill is left scrambling to get clarifications posted. What happened? IBM had to pull the download code of the newly released Notes/Domino 7, and they did not post what seemed to be any reasonable reason for the action..."

Christopher Byrne, 2005-09-07

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