Life as a referee

by Volker Weber



The most interesting thing of this video is the impossibility to download it to your harddisk. I don´t know, how they do prevent me from downloading it, but it is nifty...
Maybe I should try to use WM Recorder or sth. equivalent, but in fact I don´t want the movie file - I want to DOWNLOAD the movie file.

Any hint about this tricky technology (and maybe how to avoid it)?

Thorsten Schmidt, 2005-09-06

It's a stream. Use VLC to dump the stream to disk.

Volker Weber, 2005-09-06


I remember a couple of years ago when I was playing tennis with a couple of friends (doubles) and my partner was serving, but the man delayed a lot starting serving and I turn back to see WTF was going on with him and when I did it I received the ball in the middle of my forehead and my glasses fly away.

It hurted a lot. Now I just can imagine the speed and force that a PRO player can give to a tennis ball... It hurts.


Alex Hernandez, 2005-09-06

Wow... the basketball player who was beating up the referee should be suspended indefinitely. All of the tennis ones were accidental.

Tony Lee, 2005-09-06

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