Free stuff

by Volker Weber

I am a sucker for free stuff. That's why it says on my about page: "If you send me your stuff, I promise to not send it back." So, when I received this email three weeks ago, I could not say no:

St. Martin's Press has just published a Sudoku puzzle book and I'd like to send you a complimentary copy. If you are interested please let me know where to send it.

Today I have this package in my mailbox. It contains not only one, but actually two books: Sudoku Easy and Sudoku Easy To Hard. Here's what the original mail said:

From puzzlemaster and New York Times crossword editor Will Shortz comes sudoku, the new "wordless crossword" puzzle that’s taking the world by storm! Once you start, you won’t want to stop.

That is stretching the truth quite a bit. Sudoku does not come from Will Shortz at all. But he puts his name on the cover. So what do you get? 100 Sudoku puzzles each. A short introduction, but no strategy. Looks fine with me if you want to solve the puzzles while commuting on the train.


Daily a free sudoku and its solution on

Sudokus für Dummies

The webpage offers also some hints how to solve a sudoku (only basic strategies and in German).

Andreas Muth, 2005-09-07

Sudoku is all the rage * here right now. My 9 year old loves it and bought a nice PC package containing 1,000 puzzles ranging from simple to nigh impossible which can be solved on screen or printed and scribbled on. So simple, but compelling.

Now what we need is an open source version which can be included in our favourite Linux distros...

* All the rage == English colloquial: very fashionable

Chris Linfoot, 2005-09-07

I have to admit I am addicted and I downloaded a software package for my kids.

Christopher Byrne, 2005-09-07

I am addicted to these puzzles. I pick up a free commuter paper every day now just for the puzzle. It does help to make the train ride much shorter.


Ken Porter, 2005-09-07

I've been going here for a daily fix. There's a new puzzle every day, starting with an easy one on Monday and getting progressively harder through the week. If that's not enough for me, I go here , where there are apparently billions of puzzles, ranging from easy to brutally hard.


Richard Schwartz, 2005-09-07

ditto the guys above really. my train commute is 90mins each way and doing the puzzles is all that keeps me sane (twitch twitch) If you look around the train carriage you see that most of those that are not sleeping are doing the puzzles. Times in the morning and the Evening Standard on the way back (and just in case i run out I also carry a book of puzzles . .)

john mill, 2005-09-07


We catch snippets of your environment in photos such as these, but I am curious, what sort of surface are these books on? Is it a wooden table top? What sort of wood is it?

I *am* curious - sad** but true


** english colloquism for describing the personality traits normally exhibited by obsessive, geeky types

John Ash, 2005-09-07

It is a wooden table top. Kitchen table. What sort of wood? No idea.

Volker Weber, 2005-09-07

I'd never even heard of Sudoku, until your posting. Then, today in the Philadelphia Metro, they launch a daily sudoku puzzle! Strange world of coincidences****

**** english colloquism for world of coincidences!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ;-)

Simon Barratt, 2005-09-09

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