In search of a Gallery skin

by Volker Weber

I had to upgrade my Gallery installation. Now I am stuck with ugly skins. Gallery was never good looking, but it was ok, when you set everything to black and white. The skins however are all "developer goes designer".

Recently I came across a site that had a wonderful Gallery skin - for download. And I did not download it. Bugger. I think it was a site that linked here, or a person that commented here, or ... I can't remember. So here is my plea:

If you designed a skin for Gallery, please let me know.


Just a curiosity: what version of Gallery did you choose?

I believe 2.x is still in far to early stage whereas 1.5-pl1 should be stable enough and provide you with quite a bit of alternative skins if you look around on the web.

As for myself, I am still on 1.4.4-pl6 and can't really see any good reason for changing..

Pieterjan Lansbergen, 2005-09-10

I did a Gallery theme, but that's for Gallery 2.0, however I guess you are using Gallery 1.x... Photos (my Photo site) Gallery 2.0 Theme (the corresponding theme, a bit cleaned up and un-customized)


Nico Kaiser, 2005-09-10

And I think Gallery 2.0 is not in far too early stage, it's heading the final release, and it's rock stable (for some months already) as far as I can tell.

It so much better than 1.x, no more tables, completely customizable (nice theme system), database driven (scalable), and look at the PHP code... Sooo clean...

Nico Kaiser, 2005-09-10

I'm using the 2.x versions as well, started using them with the last alpha and been upgrading whenever a new version was released.

2.x is far cooler and got far more features than 1.x - and it isn't even final

Volker: Are you looking for ?

Kay Satirli, 2005-09-10

Kay, no, I was not looking for those. They are all awful.

Thanks, Nico. Yes, your skin was the one I was looking for. I did not get the version info. No luck then. At least I can stop looking. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2005-09-10

Nico, I take your word for it, I may have a go at Gallery 2.x using your nice skin :-)

btw, is 2.x compatible with the iPhoto2gallery plugin and iPhoto 05?

Pieterjan Lansbergen, 2005-09-10

@Pieterjan: Yes, compatible.

Ole Saalmann, 2005-09-11

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