iPod generations

by Volker Weber

Woodstock is as big as the leftmost. Then there are 3rd gen, 4th gen, U2, mini, 2x nano (b/w) and shuffle.


The recent release of yet another model, four years on, has set me thinking... Of course, Oxford is a terribly backward place ;-> but I have never seen an iPod 'on the streets' (just once or twice behind layers of plate glass in shops) and I do not know any person who owns one... yet the media would have us believe in the total ubiquity of these things.

Is it the case that Oxford is entirely atypical in this? Is it only here that an iPod is regarded as an awesome, exotic extravagance?

Nick Daisley, 2005-09-10

Nick, that is really strange. I see them all the time. (No, not mine.) :-) And a lot of people I know have at least one.

Volker Weber, 2005-09-10

Ditto: I see dozens every day, and know plenty of people who own them (I have a modest shuffle myself). Bizarre that you don’t see them in Oxford Nick.

Ben Poole, 2005-09-10

Nick rides in his Roller, while you take the train. :-)

Volker Weber, 2005-09-10

@Volker - yeah, that must be it.. 8-)

Nick Daisley, 2005-09-10

Nick, I the the subway in New York every day. There will be days where I will see at least a dozen in one car.

Walk down the street during rush hour, I would say walking just one block and there is at least an 80% chance you'll see at least one.

Maybe it's just the states... or New York... but these things are EVERYWHERE here.

Bob Obringer, 2005-09-11

And still there is no seamless track playback. Gaps in mixes. Oh how I hate it.

Martin Schroers, 2005-09-11

Ditto what Bob said about New York for Washington DC as well. They're everywhere. Of course, I do have 3 Apple Stores within 15 minutes of my house - that might help.

Kevan Emmott, 2005-09-12

We have iPods all over the place here in Manchester. Dont usually see many of the actual iPod, but most ppl still use the white headphones round here.

Michael Butt, 2005-12-28

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