Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone

by Ragnar Schierholz

Under the label of Kevin Sites in the Hot Zone Yahoo! News will be covering every armed conflict* in the world within one year.

A solo journalist ("SoJo"), Sites will carry a backpack of portable digital technology to shoot, write, edit, and transmit daily reports from nearly every region of the world. You'll be able to follow his endeavor through stories, photos, video and audio, and you'll be able to interact with him. [...] Using the latest technology, including high-definition digital cameras and satellite modems, Kevin will deliver stories via a five-fingered multimedia platform of text, photography, video, audio, and interactive chat - all available on one website (

Interesting project, I'd say. This will definitely go to my news roll.


A 'warblogger' indeed.

Alex Boschmans, 2005-09-14

lots of expensive stuff to be carting alone in areas where life is cheap. lets hope he does not become the story himself as filed by another journalist.

john mill, 2005-09-14

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