Another Nürburgring video

by Volker Weber


This time it is German racing driver Hans-Joachim Stuck in a BMW M3 GTR race car, twice around the GP track and then around the old Nordschleife. Click the image or download here.

[Thanks, Josh]


Roooaaaaaar. Mannomann, der macht ganz schön Späne.

Markus Nolte, 2005-09-24

Dem macht das offensichtlich Spaß, im Kreis herumzufahren ;-)

Wozu braucht die Welt eigentlich noch ein weiteres, proprietäres Videoformat?

Moritz Petersen, 2005-09-24

The Circular Saw Massacre. Sweet. Very sweet.

Haiko Hebig, 2005-09-24

yeah.. wooot! Porschekiller :-)

Robert Basic, 2005-09-24

Womit kann man denn unter Mac OS die herunterladbare FLV-Datei öffnen?

Joerg Gramenz, 2005-09-24

I use iSwiff for Flash files (.swf) but that does not play the .flv file. Still looking.

Volker Weber, 2005-09-24

Reminds me of how I'm still waiting to go there and take a ride with the 'Ring Taxi'.

And man, how he hates to shift down for that lousy Porsche...

Martin Switaiski, 2005-09-24

Delicious! Thanks, Ulli

Ulli Mueller, 2005-09-24

...und die nächste Woche lässig durch die Stadt gondeln...

Matthias Jung, 2005-09-24


Olaf Schulz, 2005-09-24


I thought Sabine in the Transit van was inmpressive, but this takes it to a whole new level. It's the almost casual overtaking of everything that blows me away and I dread to think what speeds that screaming car was going at down the straights.

I didn't like the look of that chip in the windscreen though and what *did* he say as he got out of the car at the end? Anyone care to translate? I think I could forgive him even if it was something along the lines of "Phwoar! Look at me, I have a huge penis *and* I can drive this good!"

John Ash, 2005-09-25

John, there is a huge difference between a GT racer with slicks to "regular" sports cars. So much for the hardware. And Hans-Joachim Stuck is a very seasoned race driver who knows this track after doing thousands of laps.

Volker Weber, 2005-09-25

Whow what a mean ride. Looks like Mr Stuck had fun too.
John, this are the words spoken in the last few seconds with my translation:

Man outside the car to Stuck: Whoo, ha, ha, ha,
Stuck: Laughs too muffled throgh the helmet
Another voice: Was sagst dazua. / What do you say to that.
Man outside the car to Stuck: Supa, host es dia eingeteilt. / You arranged (your laps) perfectly.
Yet another voice: Er hat gesagt es geht. / He said that it would be possible.

My guess is that they are refering to the fact that Stuck went out right before the end of the session.

Martin Forisch, 2005-09-25

full movie :

Samuel Adam, 2005-09-25

FLV-Player for Mac here :

Wolfgang Schwerber, 2005-09-26

A stunning piece of driving, the overtaking was so impressive given the speed differences. Ive got an M5 and cant wait to get out there!

Andrew Boorman, 2006-05-03

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