Palm rolls over

by Volker Weber


Windows-Treo exclusive on the Verizon EDVO network. For now. Or more precisely: "Early next year". With Ed Colligan praising Windows Mobile 5.0 as "second to none", Palm will have a hard time selling their other wares. ;-)


That is a great pity, given the instability of Windows Mobile compared to Palm OS :-((
(Or has WinM improved recently?)

John Keys, 2005-09-26

Why don't the other 2 gentlemen look very happy??

skip brandon, 2005-09-26

should the pic somehow lead to the video itself?
in case it should - it does not ;-)

Sascha Reissner, 2005-09-26

I liked (?) the comment at the beginning by the Palm CEO - that they'd been working on this for a number of years. Makes the buggy state of the 650 under Palm pretty understandable. Might also make the class-action suit get some more traction?

Kevan Emmott, 2005-09-26

As I am using and developing WM5 since it's first magneto builds arrived I just can say that it's clearly several steps forward. I cannot say anything to the the "stability" issues some people seem to expect since I only had some reboots with the RTM Build of WM5 that I could clearly reproduce and trace back to my own code.

It's a great OS with a great development environment - I also used PALM OS for several years - but when it came to developing software... okay I should only talk about that when I had something good to say... so I'll better say nothing now...

Daniel Kirstenpfad, 2005-09-27

I've had three Treos (650, 600, 300) and two Palms before that. The 650 is the buggiest of the bunch. Not that it crashes all of the time but I get freeze-ups and resets a few times a week which were incredibly rare on the older devices. PalmSource seems to have lost its way.

Bob Congdon, 2005-09-28

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