Self service

by Volker Weber


Imagine working in an office building opposite this ad all day.

Eric Garneau, 2005-09-30

I think this is a bad advertisement.

If you are a child, someone else takes care of you. And each day, everytime when you are hungry, you get feeded this nicely.

Why would one ever want to leave that and be able to serv yourself? :))

Nicole Simon, 2005-09-30

I disagree - it is a good ad - why? Because it's an eye catcher und everybody tries to interpret it. Now it's even spread through the internet. It's successful and therefore it is good.

Martin Hiegl, 2005-09-30

I have no idea whether it is good or bad! The imagery is obvious, but what does the text mean and what is it advertising?

Simon Barratt, 2005-09-30

It says: "We take care, that you take care for yourself" - "The Q-Cells AG goes to public"
It's ad for the "biggest group-independent solar cell producer of the world"
It's advertising their initial public offer.

Martin Hiegl, 2005-09-30

I think it says, "take a bite out of this baby!" LOL!

Gayle Varner, 2005-10-01

Can I rent that space for 30 days?

Bob Obringer, 2005-10-01

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