This is indeed a good phone

by Volker Weber

Andrew Orlowski of the Register likes the Nokia 9300 as much as I do:

The 9300 takes some pretty forbidding technology and puts in a very discreet and unassuming package. Businesses may appreciate the lack of a camera, and while it doesn't really shine as a multimedia cache, the calendar and messaging applications are well-lived in and like the machine itself, rock solid. The software portfolio isn't as rich as for Palm and Microsoft, but it is well supported by enterprises, particularly IBM. But it's the first device to be a Nokia quality phone with genuine BlackBerry software, a combination a long time a coming.

Today's smartphones try to do too much, most of it not very well, but the 9300 does three things very well indeed: phone calls, messaging, and an alarm clock you can rely on

How is that? Blackberry service with a real phone? ;-)


Yes, but no vibrate? *and* no predictive text from the front 'phone SMS app!!?

John Ash, 2005-10-01

Yes, no vibrate. I don't really miss it actually. When the phone has to be silent, I can't make any calls anyway. If I can't hear it, it is too loud to make calls. If you really, really need to make sure, you don't miss a call in a noisy environment, wear a headset.

Predictive text on the front phone? You have to be kidding. I do ALL emails from the large keyboard/screen. And I don't do SMS at all. Does not work with my call forwarding setup.

Volker Weber, 2005-10-01

Oh and it doesn't rx MMS messages either, which for a colour screen phone seems a bit daft. I have to say it sounds like a Psion (from the mid 90s) joined rather badly to a phone from 3 years ago....

...nice high hres screen though - shame it isn't put to good use!

John Ash, 2005-10-01

You *don't* use SMS - is this a cultural thing? I note that the yanks don't either - is it just us brits that have RSI in our thumbs from excessive texting?

John Ash, 2005-10-01

It is not badly joined, trust me.

SMS is a big rip-off. I get email on the phone. For the cost of 50 SMS you can have all of your emails on your phone. In realtime.

And MMS: Did you know that you can send pictures via email? ;-)

Volker Weber, 2005-10-01

SMS - I'd use it a ton more - 1) because on a treo 650 it is absurdly easy to do, and 2) because on my plan with Sprint I have unlimited free - if anybody here (US) used it. As it is, it's mostly a canned message once a day to my wife to say when I'm nearing her office to pick her up.

Kevan Emmott, 2005-10-03

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