by Volker Weber

Armin Maiwald, Sendung mit der Maus


Is that Donald Rumsfeld? Weird!

Bob Balaban, 2005-10-04

No, it is somebody who produces a TV show for kids. And you also need to know the context of this picture. This post only makes sense to Germans who have seen the campaign it is referring to.

Volker Weber, 2005-10-04

... and to Germans knowing "the programme with the mouse". I'm not sure if it's still that famous.

Martin Hiegl, 2005-10-05

Should be famous, even if it is surpassed by faster and flashyer shows. This program is part of my cultural upbringing, sounds funny, but that is how it is. The curiosity and positive critical approach of all things that surround us (is what I see really the way I see it), plus an subtile layer of irony makes this a programme worthwhile and chuckly fun for anyone who can watch TV.
I miss it, as you can tell, and I'm not even from Germany.

Frans Swarte, 2005-10-05

@Martin: It still is famous. My little nephew (6 yrs.) is eager to watch it every sunday.

Mike Hartmann, 2005-10-05

Nice how the Logo looks like if you paint it in dark-brown...

Henrik Heigl, 2005-10-05

i like this campaign. Look at:

Roland Dressler, 2005-10-05

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