Must. See.

by Volker Weber

This. Presentation.

[via Ben]


I used to work down the street from sxip, and have been watching them over the years. Dick's presentations are high on style and light on content, but at a conference were you listen to 6-12 speakers, you definitely won't forget him, sxip, or identity2.0.

Andy Reimer, 2005-10-06

Excellent presentation.

Right from the beginning I knew, that Dick must have been influenced by the brilliant presentation style of Lawrence Lessig, a professor of law at Stanford Law School.

And I was totally right.

At the end of his presentation he thanked Lawrence Lessig for his presentation style influence.

Obviously Lawrence Lessig enjoyed the presentation as well:

Michael Seidlitz, 2005-10-06

Hmm, I watched out the Presentation and read about his concept a bit, but I don't see how thias should work (technical and political). The Presentation is nice, really! I don't think Balmer & Co could make this kind of Presentations, even with Powerpoint 2006 *sfg*

Henrik Heigl, 2005-10-06

Schade, er präsentiert nicht auf der Euro-OSCON in Amsterdam ....

Detlef Borchers, 2005-10-06


Dumb question: how does he do it?

Perfectly trained timing?

Hitting the mouse every second?

Does the presentation software do voice recognition?

I guess it is not powerpoint?

what is it?


Pierre Kerchner, 2005-10-06

Lawrence Lessig told me in Berlin that he uses Apple's Keynote.

Dick's presentation (on an Apple PowerBook) looks just the same, therefore I'm quite sure, he uses Keynote too.

Michael Seidlitz, 2005-10-06

Great. Infotainment.

This was a Presentation 2.0.

Cem Basman, 2005-10-06

VERY cool! I'm preparing a presentation for my boss right now...wonder how that would go over here? It would take quite a bit of practice to get that down cold, though. That's definitely not one you can put together and run through first time.


Tom Nichols, 2005-10-06 tells even more


Pierre Kerchner, 2005-10-06

...a very stimulating audiovisual experience. Definately presentation 2.0.


Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2005-10-07

Das ist mit Powerpoint machbar und er ist nicht in allen Phasen Synchron. Die Präsentation verrät über weite Teile nicht, wo er seine Augen hatte. Dort wo die Präsentation dies verrät hat er seine Augen immer wieder auf der Laptop.

That's Entertainment. Das ist ein Tanz mit der Präsentation und es ist schlicht der Stil und nicht die Technik. Aber man soll sich nichts vormachen, diesen Stil trainiert man eine Weile, bis man Rhythmus und Bildfolge so flüssig hinbekommt. Ein Metronom dürfte beim Training gute Dienste leisten.

Für diesen Stil sollte man auch kein ladeintensives Rahmendesign haben.

Übrigens hat die Präsentation – so brilliant ich sie finde – noch einen kleinen Haken. Der Stil wird allerorts bewundert. War das Aufgabe der Präsentation? Wie sieht es mit der Botschaft aus?

Nur gut, dass man die Präsentation im Netz mehrfach abspielen kann. ;-)

Silke Schümann, 2005-10-07

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