Kids, don't try this at home

by Volker Weber



Eric Hancock, 2005-10-27

Quite fast, but what is this thing measuring? mph? Never. kmph? I don't think so, check the scenery. My guess that his speed is mostly around 140 to 150 kmph.

Moritz Schroeder, 2005-10-27

Moritz, my guess exactly. Just look at how "steep" the angle is when riding curves with speeds allegedly above 200 km/h. I've been riding my bike with top speeds over 300 km/h and truth be told: I wouldn't have made it alive on that road. 180 km/h tops would be my estimate for those tracks. I'd say they manipulated the digital speedometer.

Stefan Rubner, 2005-10-27

It's Norway (so it's km/h); From my holidays, I recognize the style of the road signs and the scenery.

A bit of Googling for "grisekjoring1":

"Norwegian dude doing 303 km/h (something like 190 mph) with his bike. At norwegian roads [not sane]"
The insane thing is true: most Norwegian roads are best for campers driving at 90 km/h.

If the biker has altered the km/h-counter, he must also have altered the rpm-counter; it's at 12!
Or he's also riding in a low gear, but that 'fraud' setup would be to complicated for a biker, I guess. ;-)

Sander Jonkers, 2005-10-28

Now, my bike would go around 160 km/h at 12k rpms ... in second gear. And no, it wouldn't be too complicated for me. It would just break my heart not to shift gears before, but that's a completely different story.

Stefan Rubner, 2005-10-28

Watch him shift gears. He is going into sixth. However, when he gets on the shoulder, he is doing 190 in 3rd gear. I don't think you can do a wheelie at 190. My guess is his bike does not go 300 and that he is running a smaller front wheel.

Volker Weber, 2005-10-28

Hard to say whether it's real or not but I've seen the GhostRider DVD and the surroundings seem to go past a lot quicker on that when he was doing 300.

Oh and GhostRider pulled a wheelie at 300kph so I could believe this guy pulling big wheelies at 170.

What is it about scandinavians and motorbikes?!

Kieren Johnson, 2005-10-28

Q: What's the japanese word for "organ donor"?
A: Right, "Hayabusa"

From the article:
"Testing the 2000 Suzuki Hayabusa last summer, I learned a lot of things about traveling at 189mph. At least four miles of straight, visible, empty road is a necessity. It helps that road is flat and of good quality because large undulations that you'd never otherwise notice, are transformed into launch ramps at high speeds."

Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2005-10-28

If you look at the bottom right part of his digital spedometer, it looks like it's counting the kilometers travelled. At the time 2.52 it just changed to 458 - at the time 4.52 it changes to 460.

That would be 2 kilometers in two minutes. An average of 60 km/h.

Looks like he's doing two times that speed though, but i think somethings wrong.

Kasper Jensen, 2005-10-28

Also 3 Dinge passen nicht so recht

-die Zeit, die er zwischen 2 Strassenlaternen braucht (wenn es 100m Abstand sind, könnte 300 schon stimmen)

-Das Auto, das ihm entgegen kommt (scheint mir bei Tempo 300 extrem langsam, das Auto selbst hat ja auch 80-100 drauf)

-der Tageskilometerzähler steht ewig bei 452

irgendwas stimmt da nicht


Pierre Kerchner, 2005-10-28

> My guess is his bike does not go 300 and that he is running a smaller front wheel.

A smaller front wheel does not change the display on the speedo, on modern bikes speed is calculated by driveshaft rotations. So what you can do to fake speed display is exchange the sprocket wheel to a smaller one (also gives more torque to the back wheel but less speed at same rpm) or manipulate the digital conversion (not really hard if you got the equipment).

I did more than 300 km/h with a tuned Yamaha R1 on an empty 3-lane Autobahn on a nice, dry summer morning - the surroundings passed a LOT faster than in the video and even curves with a huge radius make you lean down a lot more - I think it's just impossible to go that fast on a wet curvy road.

Dirk Oppelt, 2005-10-29

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