Bouncy balls

by Volker Weber

bouncy balls

Remember the bouncy balls? Here is why they did it.


I'm bound to say that when you first posted it up I imagined it was a bit of photoshopping (while not understanding the reason for it): now that I know it was for real, I'm tempted to ask how many innocent pedestrians ended up with broken ankles by the end of the shoot. ;-)

Nick Daisley, 2005-10-30

Oh you have no clue how wonderful it is you posted that link. :))

Nicole Simon, 2005-10-30

I just saw this ad on TV in Australia last night, and was actually wondering whether it was CGI or not. Given the day and age I just assumed CGI, so it's nice to know it's not. Kinda like the Honda Cog ad.

Marcin Szczepanski, 2005-10-30

The longer version of the commercial is now available.

Alan Lepofsky, 2005-11-08

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