Best of Workplace

by Volker Weber

Hello Volker,

I am e-mailing you on behalf of the World Wide Channels and Alliances Team for Lotus Software to invite you to participate as a judge for the 12th Annual Lotus Awards. The Lotus Awards are presented annually to recognize IBM Business Partners specializing in Lotus software that are at the leading edge of the software industry and have delivered outstanding products, solutions and services to customers, during the previous year.

The Best in Lotusphere Showcase is one of the major awards at Lotusphere and we would be honored if you could serve as a judge.

If you want to send me buckets of small unmarked bills, the address is to your right. ;-)

I cannot speak about the process at Lotusphere yet. However, the trouble with these evaluations is that they come pre-hunted. The judges don't get to see all solutions and then pick the best. In order to save the judges valuable time, they usually only get to see a small fraction of what is on display. How is this selection made? The invitation gives us a hint:

The Best in Lotusphere Showcase category recognizes an innovative solution that leverages the latest cutting-edge Lotus technology to demonstrate a unique and powerful on-demand solution. Final evaluation takes place at the Lotusphere Showcase in Orlando. Particular consideration will be given to those solutions that utilize IBM Lotus Workplace software and especially the new IBM Workplace Client.

You may not be seeing a Best in Lotusphere Showcase solution based on Domino then. Hrrmph, Domino is part of Workplace. I forgot.


Given how long the managed client has actually been out in the wild, that's quite some challenge to already have shipping software for it!

Ben Poole, 2005-10-31

Which makes it easier to find the best of them. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2005-10-31

Well, there's your sunday morning blown away. Best not get toooo carried away at Turtles party....

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2005-10-31

Most of the categories are focused on Workplace. It certainly makes it hard to find a category with a good fit this year for any of our products.

I think IBM are really to get some good news around Lotus Workplace (the product, not the brand), it's been a couple of years now and not much traction from what I can see. I admit I could be wrong, as the customers I speak to are typically only fortune 500, so not a diverse group.

Carl Tyler, 2005-10-31

Carl, if F500 isn't buying (and deploying), I don't see who would.

Volker Weber, 2005-10-31

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