Why Closed Doesn't Work for Collaborative Workspaces

by Volker Weber

Thoughtful as always, Michael Sampson finds a good reason why email is still the preferred collaboration tool:

This report is about why collaborative workspaces haven't been adopted, why email continues to be the default medium for communication / coordination / collaboration, and what we "the industry" need to do about it. At a fundamental level, and looking across the demands put on people today, it argues that today's collaborative workspace offerings make it more difficult for people to communicate in comparison to email. Architectural "closedness" is preventing adoption. This used to be the case with email, but it changed. It used to be the case with instant messaging, but it is changing. It is the case with collaborative workspaces, and change is needed.

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Great article, a must read for Ray Ozzie ;-)

Moritz Schroeder, 2005-11-05

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