Sometimes it only takes one story

by Volker Weber

Before running his Blogsmear article Dan Lyons was a known idiot only within the IBM community. Somebody who would make the wrong predictions with laser-sharp accuracy, every single time. This is business as usual where he is working. In the stock market you watch these guys. When they sell, you buy. When they buy, it's time to divest.

After his article things have improved. Now there are a lot more people who know what he is. ;-)


Nice shot, man!!!!!

Jon Johnston, 2005-11-04

He's the man for SCO details, too:

In other words, like many religious folk, the Linux-loving crunchies in the open-source movement are a) convinced of their own righteousness, and b) sure the whole world, including judges, will agree.

They should wake up. SCO may not be very good at making a profit by selling software. (Last year the company lost $24.9 million on sales of $64.2 million.) But it is very good at getting what it wants from other companies. And it has a tight circle of friends.
These guys in Utah are no dummies. The crunchies in the Linux community should be paying more attention.

David Richardson, 2005-11-05

He also seems to know Sara Radicati of the Radicati Group, who is equally bad at predictions:

Blogging will fade away from the corporate world and be considered a consumer tool, no longer a credible source of news.

Volker Weber, 2005-11-05

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