by Volker Weber

The hunt is over. Thanks to Mac Guidera we have found a nice place in Flagler Beach where we will be staying the week before Lotusphere. Thanks for all your help.


I thought you wanted to get a place on the West Coast, Volker. Trying something new?


P.S.: I was born very close to where you will be staying, so I try to avoid that area ;-)

Mitch Wolfson, 2005-11-08

That should be very nice. Less than an hour south of where I live in Jacksonville -- give me a shout if you need company for lunch/dinner one day.

- Julian

Julian Robichaux, 2005-11-08

Hey Julian, that is my old "home town". I will be there right after Lotusphere again. Somehow I am surprised that someone there would be reading Volker's blog ;-)

Mitch (in Munich)

Mitch Wolfson, 2005-11-08

Volker, I'm glad Mac was able to find a good spot for you to visit. Shirley and I went down to St Pete Beach ( on Saturday and looked around, but could only find places that were across the street from the Gulf. We were pretty sure you guys like to be right ON the beach. ...But the weather was great, the water was a little cool but still ok for swimming, and we enjoyed a good sandwich and beer at the Hurricane Restaurant :)


Joe Litton, 2005-11-09

It's good too hear that you had a good time in St. Pete. I am glad I gave you an excuse to venture there. ;-)

Volker Weber, 2005-11-09

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