by Volker Weber

Overheard today:

Microsoft Word is only suitable for short documents. If it were to handle larger documents it would be called Microsoft Text.

Do I hear Apple Pages? :-)


> Do I hear Apple Pages? :-)

You're not trying to tell us that Pages is meant for writing some pages only because otherwise they'd have called it "Books" or "Volumes"?

Stefan Rubner, 2005-11-08

"Apple National Library" would sound too, uhm,...

pascal germroth, 2005-11-08

I personally know of one larger project that was written in Pages. 300+ pages with several indexes, heavy use of embedded pictures in the text flow, figures, etc. Very appealing design. No problems at all, no crashes, working indexes.
I like the plain user interface and the resulting workflow.

It seems to me that Apple's Pages ist a IJFW app which actually enables the user to create, not hunt down bugs. But as much as M$ tries to "integrate" (speak: rip-off) things from other apps into theirs, it will just be a bad copy, not an original — which effectively limits what you can expect from MS apps, anyway.

Enough said ;-)

Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2005-11-09

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