Charles, where is your other hand?

by Volker Weber



sieht aus, als würde er ihr eine knarre in die nieren halten "sag bloß nichts über'n irak!" oder so...

pascal germroth, 2005-11-08

A pity Safari crashes every time I click on the link to the original :-(

John Keys, 2005-11-08

I guess she has had her face done here.

Ole Saalmannn, 2005-11-08

...ich sprechs jetzt nicht aus..., aber eine Knarre an den Nieren.....erzeugt niemals so einen Gesichtsausdruck ;-)

Jens Huber, 2005-11-09

@John. If you are using Tiger, take a look at the nightly builds for the development version of Safari.

Recent builds are rock-solid, and have dramatically improved performance, along with significant HTML rendering improvements. It doesn't interfere with your default version of Safari and uses the same set of bookmarks and preferences. Apple is extremely conservative with releases and the current (supported) version of Safari is several months behind this public development version.

The only drawback is that forms autofill has been disabled in the development version, pending changes to Keychain access. No saved logins unless the site provides a cookie to do so.

David Richardson, 2005-11-09

Thanks David, downloading the latest build now!

John Keys, 2005-11-09

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