Orlowski reads the Bill and Ray memos - so you don't have to

by Volker Weber

Ever the master of public relations, Microsoft has always been able to figure its way out of a tight spot with the use of a judiciously leaked memo.

Remember when AOL merged with Netscape back in 1998? Time to take a leak. Remember when Microsoft's cellphone strategy was struggling to get any traction? Time to take a leak. Remember when the antitrust settlement talks had hit a sticky patch? Time to take a leak. Remember when Microsoft's security woes finally became an issue? Time, once again, to take a leak.

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Are we certain those memos weren't fabricated?

Your previous summary was pretty close to the mark: vapour held aloft by hot air :-)

P.S. I sure would like 'Word Live' to properly compose this.

David Richardson, 2005-11-10

Und das schreibt gestern Nicholas Carr dazu (Ausriß):
"Ozzie ascendant
November 09, 2005
Ray Ozzie's vision is now Microsoft's vision. That may be the most important message of the "leaked" Microsoft memos (I put "leaked" in quotes since it's obvious, as John Battelle points out, that these documents were intended to be made public from the get-go). Bill Gates's memo is just a cover note to Ozzie's agenda-setting memo. It's Ozzie's letter, Gates writes, "which I feel sure we will look back on as being as critical as [my] Internet Tidal Wave memo was when it came out." That's the sound of a baton - a very heavy baton - being passed." (full text at: http://www.roughtype.com/archives/2005/11/ozzie_ascendant.php)
Wie so oft, liegt Carr ziemlich richtig.

Hartmut Wiehr, 2005-11-10

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