by Volker Weber

Before I get another 132 messages let me tell you that I do know what the Google #1 result for "failure" is. And no, you don't have to hurry up before Google fixes that because (a) the result is accurate, (b) Google is located in California and not in Kansas, and (c) most people at Google will probably agree.

How does that work? It's a Google Bomb and it's actually 4.5 years old.

Speaking of which: This Radicati page now has risen again to the second hit behind the company's own web page. Dan Lyons has already made it to the second page. ;-)


... and you are a victim of "collateral damage" of that google bomb.

Kristof Doffing, 2005-11-17

Oops, like like Sara sent Google a C&D ... or something. Just did the search for "Radicati" and *the page* is not even on the first page of results.

Joerg Michael, 2005-11-17

Argh, "looks like", not "like like".

Joerg Michael, 2005-11-17

On, I still see it as the second major link... and on

---* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2005-11-17

I see it as #2 on, and Both for Radicati and Radicati Group.

Volker Weber, 2005-11-17

I should have known, you're ALWAYAS up-front.
Sorry, for being # 133 ;-)


Heiko Müller, 2005-11-17

Ich frage mich, warum es immer wieder Sachen gibt, die man pro Woche ca. 10 Mal in seiner Mailbox hat. Star Wars Kiddie ist so berühmt geworden und solche Sachen wie das Google-Failure Phänomen verbreiten sich auch innerhalb von kürzester Zeit ... und wiederholen sich dann alle 4,5 Jahre ;-)

Dirk Borchardt, 2005-11-21

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