by Volker Weber

What is IBM's favorite means of collaboration? Hint: It is not email.

It's conference calls.


The mobile phone... Held up between shoulder and ear, whilst drinking coffee from overpriced IBM location coffee bars...

Stuart McIntyre, 2005-11-18


Martin Leyrer, 2005-11-18


Don Rorlach, 2005-11-18

Sametime will be the official answer. I bet it's paper memos. Or the coffee machine / bar. I've never seen a place where more collaboration actually happens than that where people drink their coffee.

Oliver Regelmann, 2005-11-18

Oliver, most of the guys I met from IBM are mobile workers. They can be happy if they meet someone from IBM at the coffee machine - usualy they meet their wife/husband there :-) Meanwhile the unofficial IBM meeting point in Berlin is my office - and this is where collaboration happens accidently :-)

Alexander Kluge, 2005-11-18

Alexander is right - IBM has a huge mobile workforce. In fact, I don't think anyone on my team, nor anyone I know (except for the boss two positions above me) works from an office - we're all mobile.

For me, it is Sametime, followed by email, followed by the telephone, followed by Sametime Meetings (web conferencing). Phone and web conferencing are almost tied - because they are almost always used together.

That has been one of my biggest surprises since returning to IBM/Lotus - their embracement of mobile workers, and their wholehearted support and encouragement for the mobile worker. IBM "gets it" about a telecommuting/mobile workforce, gets the ROI, and gets the benefits - for both itself and for its employees on many fronts.

So, from my perspective in IBM-land, there is no way it is the coffee machine. More like the chat window, I'd say.

Rocky Oliver, 2005-11-18

Fax and SMS :-)

No wait, it's Workplace!

Carl Tyler, 2005-11-18

Although in all seriousness (is that a word?), for Volker to be asking this question there has to be a stranage unexpected answer, so my official guesses are:

Office Documents

Oh wait, it's internal Newsgroups

Carl Tyler, 2005-11-18

I have worked for 3 different IBM countries (FR, CH, and US). And I interact with IBMers from all over EMEA on a daily basis. I would think that our primary means of collaboration are.

1- Sametime
2- email
3- Conference calls (sometimes with ST Web Confs)
3- TeamRooms/Quickplace
4- Internal Newsgroups

98- coffee machine (everybody is mobile these days)
99- paper memos (never seen one of those.....)

but again, that's just my 2 (euro) cents.

Joel Demay, 2005-11-18

I should have made myself more clear. When I said favorite I meant where they spend most of their time. Being online in Sametime does not count. Of course I have never worked there, but my observation is listed below the question now.

Volker Weber, 2005-11-18

Mmh, looks like I disregarded one rule of writing mails/comments: Be careful about use of irony or humor. At least without a smiley.

Oliver Regelmann, 2005-11-18

I always thought it was an ISSL / IGS engagement :-)

Jeff Picco, 2005-11-29

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