It's "Make your own caption" time

by Volker Weber



George the giraffe regrets saying yes to the "Supersize" option at his local McD's...

Stuart McIntyre, 2005-11-30

Now I understand why my mother told me every day to keep away from drunken elephants.

Michael Schmid, 2005-12-01

I'm not fat, I'm big boned!

Carl Tyler, 2005-12-01


Henning Störk, 2005-12-01

Der Giraffen-Bulle von der Tölz-Savanne!

Marco Simon, 2005-12-01

"Microsoft Vista - now code complete"

You know this reminded me of Carl's visit to Redmond this week... (Oh, I'll get a slap for that one)

--* Bill

Bill Buchan, 2005-12-01

What a laugh. I always knew that being a vegetarian is not that healthy.

Frank Stangenberg, 2005-12-01

What's wrong with Wensleydale. Well done Gromit.

Frank Stangenberg, 2005-12-01

No, I have no idea who Victor Conte is!

John Roling, 2005-12-01

"I'm the Michelin representative for can I help you?"

Thomas Gumz, 2005-12-01

Where have all the wildebeests gone ? *burp* Ah I remember now.

Martijn Mulder, 2005-12-02

Introducing the new Microsoft Giraffe...

Andy Rose, 2005-12-02

If MS Word were a giraffe...

Bob Balaban, 2005-12-03

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