Bad news and terrible news

by Volker Weber

Yesterday I alerted Thomas Gumz of the Firefox 1.5 release and he came back with bad news today: Domino Webadmin 7.0 won't run on Firefox 1.5. There is something broken and he does not know yet what it is. Stefan has found out that you can't get to other frames' properties in the DOM tree from JavaScript. And this is most likely one of the problems that break Webadmin. Thomas is currently working on stuff he won't even talk to me about. So he is putting off further analysis until the weekend. But that is only bad news.

Thomas broke the really terrible news to me today: Wolfgang Schramm, the other genius behind Webadmin, had a terrible bike accident a few weeks ago, which caused a cerebral hemorrhage. He woke up two weeks later only to be put back into a coma for another week. He is now recovering slowly.

Let's all wish Wolfgang a speedy and complete recovery. I am sure somebody will show him your wishes or at least read them to him.


How terrible!

Wolfgang - ich schick Dir meine besten Genesungswünsche, werd bald wieder ganz gesund!

Gregory Engels, 2005-12-01


We are thinking of you. Please rest up and get well soon.

Warm regards,


Bruce Elgort, 2005-12-01

Wolfgang, I hope you will recover soon. Best wishes from Germany to Switzerland. Wir denken an Dich und drücken Dir die Daumen, daß Du wieder gesund wirst!

Daniel Nashed, 2005-12-01


We'll have you in our hearts and prayers now, and for what I hope will be an easy and quick recovery. Best wishes and get well soon!

Chris Toohey, 2005-12-01

Wolfgang, best wishes for a speedy recovery.

Ed Brill, 2005-12-01

Ich durfte Wolfgang Anfang dieses Jahres endlich einmal persönlich kennen lernen. Auch ich schicke Ihm auf diesem Wege meine herzlichsten Genesungswünsche.

Alles Gute !

Andy Brunner, 2005-12-01

Alles gute Wolfgang - ich wünsche Dir eine schnelle und komplette Gesundung

Jens-Christian Fischer, 2005-12-01

My gosh, that's really terrible news. I don't know Wolfgang personally, but having a similar case in my closest relatives, I wish everyone who suffers from such an accident all the best. May he recover soon and even more important: completely!

Ragnar Schierholz, 2005-12-01

Wolfgang - Best Wishes from the UK, get well soon.

Ben Rose, 2005-12-01

Even if I don't know Wolfgang personally, I wish him all the best for his recovery, as soon as possible.

Frank Stangenberg, 2005-12-01


Ich wünsche Dir das allerbeste aus Wien !!
Hoffe du bist bald wieder wohl auf !!

ciao Werner

Werner Novak, 2005-12-01

Lieber Wolfgang, die besten Genesungswünsche für eine rasche Gesundung.

Thorsten Ebers, 2005-12-01

When you do not know someone, you can't say much but "get well soon". Its a terrible thing to happen to anyone.

Steve Castledine, 2005-12-01

Will bring Wolfgang a printout of this tomorrow.
Just talked with him on the phone some minutes ago.
He is making big progress with "learning" to walk and to regain some words that are wiped out of his brain (his talk is a bit slower but very clear).

Raoul Merki, 2005-12-01

I just got off the phone with Wolfgang...we talked for 65(!) minutes... it was like it almost never happened!

He's as sharp as ever, has a full recollection of everything except the accident itself, but otherwise has no signs of any brain damage whatsoever.
(And interestingly enough, he apparently didn't suffer any physical injuries either, not even a scratch!)

He remembered the most peculiar details I asked him... Once in a while he got tired and had some loss of words, but quickly regained it after a few seconds of rest. Same physically...he's very weak and needs physical therapy/workouts etc., but every day walks a bit more and then some...

So, after talking to him and given that he's just 1 week out of his coma, I have no doubts whatsoever that he'll have a complete recovery, both physically and mentally. Current plan for him is to stay in the rehab clinic until early january and then he'll be able to go home again.

And he's eager to start finishing his Eclipse RCP app ;-)

Thomas Gumz, 2005-12-02

I visited Wolfgang this afternoon. He is awed by your concern - nobody talks about webadmin's problems, but all express care for him - he's touched and very thankful to all of you for your support.

He is in lousy physical shape - on the bike ergometer, he delivers about 1/4 of the power he used to deliver before the accident (OK, he did the "Alpenbrevet", three passes with about 4'000m of altitude difference and about 100km on the bike in a day a few weeks before the accident - he's been in top shape). But that weakness is very normal after more than three weeks of laying in bed almost motionless. He is already training quite a lot with his wheelchair and walking cart. As incredible as it sounds, he has just a minor bruise at the knee and lost half a tooth - other than that, he suffered no external injuries.

The brain has to get back in shape, too: He tires pretty quickly when he needs to concentrate. So, no computers and no internet yet. However, even compared to my telephone just three days ago, his condition improved perceptibly. He is, as Thomas said before, very positive that he will be "the old Wolfgang" as much as that is possible after the accident.

He has quite a collection of Christmas trees and advent lights with electrical and real candles in his room. He's very fond of the tree from Thomas and the admin team!

So, all is well and the outlook is bright -- I'll keep you posted.

Peter Hochstrasser, 2005-12-04

Can confirm this. I was there on Friday evening. Was with him for about an hour.
I also had a very positive feeling. He was just complaining about the changes they have to make to his rehabilitation program from day to day. But no complaint about his current situation.
He remembers the problems with Firefox 1.5 and WebAdmin, but is not considering it as his priority 1 problem. How right he is :-)
And his problem with walking is more a circulation problem than a problem with the brain.

Raoul Merki, 2005-12-05

Wolfgang -- We received your photos and you look great! Keep up the quick recovery.

Chip Carter, 2005-12-12

Hallo Wolfgang
Hoffe, dass du dich schnell und komplett erholst. Machs gut, bis bald.

Manfred Schibler, 2005-12-19

Hallo Wolfgang, auch von mir der Wunsch nach schnellster und vollständigster Genesung; es wird Zeit, dass Du zurück kommst ;-)

Bernhard Hensler, 2005-12-22

Hi Wolfgang

Get well soon - you're team here in Zurich misses you! Take your time to recover...we're looking forward to see you again in the office.

Wish you all the best for x-mas and a good start in 2006

c u soon, Dario Tizianel

Dario Tizianel, 2005-12-23

Thank you for all die wished you wrote to me, they helped me quite a lot to recover from the accident. Serveral month are more required before I recovered from the accident, because the brain is such complicated thing and this takes so much time until it was repaired.

Thank you


Wolfgang Schramm, 2006-01-02

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