From the "Cold dead fish" department of marketing

by Volker Weber

Dear Lotus Award Winners and Finalists:

I want to extend my congratulations to all the Twelfth Annual Lotus Award finalists and all of our Business Partners who took time to enter their submissions into the database this year. As in the past, the entries were outstanding and made the judging process very difficult. We realize how much time and energy it takes to submit a nomination and appreciate this effort!

Of course, a special congratulations to the winners (listed below)! It's obvious that you're providing fantastic solutions to customers and I'm in the fortunate position to read, not only about the solutions, but to often hear from our customers and Sales staff dircectly about how unique and impressive your solutions are ...

Michael Loria
WW Channels and Product Marketing
IBM Software Group

Isn't it great how Michael Loria is in the fortunate position to read how unique and impressive the solutions are?

And it would be really great, if we could read this as well. But the announcement contains no descriptions of the solutions, no product names, no links to the winners and finalists. Only fake underlined links.

Excuse me, IBM, how hard is it to get the job done? Instead of faking it.

<irony>I am sure this communication was commissioned, written, stored, reviewed, managed and published with the IBM Workplace Managed Client.</irony> And it still sucks.

Update: Why not fix it? You can help IBM here. I invite all winners and finalists to add their details as shown for Genii Software.


I understand the bookmakers had to stop taking bets after a mad rush of people tried to put money on "Binary Tree" winning best tool...just for a change.

Ben Rose, 2005-12-19

I have to admit, as a Finalist, I wouldn't mind seeing a tiny bit more detail. But they don't even post information about the winners. Exactly what tool of Binary Tree's was judged Best? I dunno. (Some cynical sorts might say it doesn't matter). Genii Software was a Finalist for our new CoexEdit, but you would never know from the website. Sigh!

Ben Langhinrichs, 2005-12-19

As it is, this communication is completely useless. I would have followed up with at least one story, if there would have been any beef.

Volker Weber, 2005-12-19

Hi Volker,

I look forward to seeing you at Lotusphere this year. Yes indeed, our judges have a very difficult job picking the winners - the submissions are first class. As you know the winners are subsequently published in a press release, recognized in numerous ways at Lotusphere, and this year they receive additional marketing benefits to enable them to create in-market demand for their offerings.

Anyway, this is one of several communications with which we promote the winners - we usually use Lotusphere as the detailed announcement of the winners and finalists.

Frankly, and I know how this sounds, but these partners did an awesome job. This was a simple quick note to all the submitters - the real promotion is yet to come. All the best and see you in Orlando - which by the way is shaping up wonderfully!

Michael Loria, 2005-12-20

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