New frames

by Volker Weber


Laser-cut from thin stainless steel sheets. Now I only need to wait a week for the glass to be cut and delivered and then mounted on the frames. Patience ...

vowe's choice: Adlers Brille


Wow, schick!

Moritz Petersen, 2005-12-29

Good choice. I wear these for over two years. You can 'click' the pieces back together again after you sat on your glasses ond 'broke' them into pieces. No screws in the hinges and very light.

Thomas Fleischer, 2005-12-29

Shoulda gone to specsavers ;O)

(one for the Brits)

Ben Rose, 2005-12-29

hab ich auch, gute Brille! und leicht ist die... mmh.
Gut´ trag!

Andreas Mayer, 2005-12-29

Why specsavers? I think Tesco and Asda now do them as well ;-)

Armin Grewe, 2005-12-29

You could jsut get your eyes laser cut instead.

Carl Tyler, 2005-12-29

Carl, laser surgery can cure myopia, but not presbyopia. So I would need glasses anyway.

Volker Weber, 2005-12-29

Yep - nice glasses. I have the same make. The only problem is when you are skiing, and the glasses fall apart and you have to reassemble them with icy fingers ;-)

Jens-Christian Fischer, 2005-12-29

Wer ist der Hersteller?

Oliver Stör, 2005-12-29

Whilst laser surgery can't directly cure presbyopia, it can cure it's effects by performing what is often referred to as monovision.

Basically the brain is a very powerful thing that works in mysterious ways, one eye can be corrected to see long distance, and the other eye can be corrected to see short distances, and the brain works it all out so you end up seeing clearly at both long and short and inbetween

Carl Tyler, 2005-12-29

OK, then let me put it in a different way. I prefer enhancements outside of my body. They can more easily be fixed or replaced, than having stuff implanted under your skin or cut in your eyes. My presbyopia will most likely worsen another diopter over the next 10 years and I'd rather have new glasses than repeated surgery.

Volker Weber, 2005-12-30

For what it's worth, Volker, I have a pocket knife and really nothing important planned this weekend... (kinda sad, really)

As an optomologist, I make a great Domino admin

Eric Parsons, 2005-12-30

Wow! These look impressive!

Colin Williams, 2005-12-30

Nice one!

I've got the same frame for my sunglasses.
And I guess from the same shop in DA.

Karsten Ernst, 2005-12-30

Looks good.
Please post a review, when you were wearing ot for a week or two ;-)

Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2005-12-30

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