Preaching to the choir

by Volker Weber

Small change: I have removed the Get Firefox button from the sidebar. The button was only shown to IE users so I actually forgot it was there until I recently saw it on an IBM employee's notebook.

On Firefox has won. There are substantially more visits from Firefox than from Internet Explorer. I am delighted to have so many smart readers. :-)


Would be inbteresting to see an excerpt from your Statistics. I would be interested in the Percentage of Opera users ( I am one).

Steffen Gutermann, 2006-01-02

Sent you an email. It is in the lower single digits in forth place behind Firefox, IE and Safari.

Volker Weber, 2006-01-02


Quite impressive, especially keeping in mind that YOU do have loads and loads of visitors and the statistik (like mine mostly) isn't just made up of you and your friends surfing the web.

Good see that IE is no longer riding on top of the wave.

Steffen Gutermann, 2006-01-03

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