Intel releases Yonah prices

by Volker Weber

Source: The Register

If these prices are correct then they pretty much rule out "cheap" iBooks. Let's hope that Apple goes for an all "dual core" line.


Has anybody experience with Ultra Low Voltage CPUs?

Are there any drawbacks?

Is the performance/power consumption ratio really special?



Pierre Kerchner, 2006-01-03

I dunno, 1.83ghtz seems like a good place to be. I doubt Apple would actually *raise* prices moving to Intel, after all.

Jon Bell, 2006-01-04

Regardless of Apples entry point in the x86 market, it's going to be a huge boost for Mac hardware for sure. It sure would be nice to be able to pick up a dual core 65nm Mac laptop soon. :)

Scott Johnson, 2006-01-04

There surely would be a performance hit with the low voltage cpus. It's not possible to have everything. The Ultra Low Voltage cpus are not for power user desktops are for that but low volatage cpu's provide a better low power solutions for the portable.

Vikram Sharma, 2006-01-04

Lowering the voltage on a processor or anyother electronic device actually is what allows the device to run faster. Many years ago device ran at 5 volts and over the years as spreeds increase and the need to decrease power consuption the trade off was to lower the supply voltage. it is not uncommon to see devices running at 1.8 volts.

In this case I am not sure what they mean by Ultra low voltage. The next drop in the voltages was to 1.2 and 0.9 so these devices could be that or the present 1.8 since most processors have been at 3.2.

Greg Palermo, 2006-01-04

Well lower voltage doesn't really allow it to run faster. In general it is the smaller feature sizes that allows gates to be switched using a lower voltage (smaller band gate and smaller capacitive effects). Using a lower voltage can have a big effect on power consumption which allows one to potentially up clock more with less thermal issues. Anyway it is true that you can switch faster with higher voltages (forces current in and out of features faster) as long as you can deal with the increased power consumption.

Shawn Erickson, 2006-01-04

I wish Intel would just switch to a "power" rating rather than letting everyone focus on GHz. With the changing number of pipelines, cache sizes, and various other technologies it is impossible to compare one CPU to another using just the clock speed. Until they ship a CPU and the major sites get a chance to put it through it's paces we may as well just ignore everything that is put on Intel's marketing pages and the rumor sites.

stephen elliott, 2006-01-06

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