Choose your advertisers wisely

by Volker Weber

Linux Today sells front page advertising to Microsoft which uses it to slam Linux with a "Reference Center".


So what? I find it more ironic that Microsoft is now financing Linux-friendly websites through their advertising.

Even on the influential German tech news sites Heise and Golem, most Linux-relevant news entry come with a Microsoft ad since a few months. At least with Golem, I got the impression that they have begun reporting more about Linux because this means more advertising money from Microsoft.

It's sad that MS is still fighting this as a PR battle and not on technical merits.

Hanno Müller, 2006-01-07

Independent Study Shows That Windows Servers Recover Faster From Security Attacks Than Linux Servers.

Practice makes perfect. ;-)

David Richardson, 2006-01-07

I am a moderator over at and it's one of the most FAQ by newbies why Microsoft adds are being displayed. This is the reason:

Microsoft buys its advertising in bulkloads, like e.g. they have contracts with a third party to advertise on tech related sites. Siteowners like JupiterMedia OTOH buy the advertisment displayed on their site in bulkloads, too, so they don't control either wether their site displays an ad for the latest Sun server or the latest Microsoft "Get the facts" campaign.

Therefore, the people in charge are the ones running the advertising companies - and yes, it's ironic that the Linux community flourishes with Microsoft money. Maybe we should write a thank-you note some day. =)

Philipp Sury, 2006-01-08

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