Notes sucks

by Volker Weber

Says Stowe Boyd, who has run a weblog for about half as long as, has about the same traffic as (we shared the same geo locator for a few days), is much higher on the Technorati food chain, has a Lotusphere PC bag, and since he is wearing a hat he probably has a similar haircut as I have. Oh, his openBC picture proves the point. What else have we got in common? He likes Basecamp, uses Plazes and a Mac.

But we don't agree on the Notes thing. I mean, yes, Notes sucks. But for different reasons. ;-) And so far nobody has invented anything that sucks less and does the same thing.

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So how about a new Vowe t-shirt:
"Notes: It Doesn't Suck So Much!"

Bob Balaban, 2006-01-08

That's the basis for the Notes ecosystem: an emerging force of smaller companies that make it suck less.

Karsten W. Rohrbach, 2006-01-08

couldn't that be said about the ISV ecosystem for almost any enterprise software?

Ed Brill, 2006-01-08

Actually, I started blogging in 1999, but the service was shut down by investors and padlocked one fateful day and I lost all my content (check out Message From Edge City in the Internet Archives). I have been writing about the same stuff since, first at Timing, and then at Get Real. I wrote a column for Lotus Developer Journal for year, too. And I used Notes for years.

Stowe Boyd, 2006-01-08

"And so far nobody has invented anything that sucks less and does the same thing."

That is probably the best sentence to describe it.

I just had it again the other day. Server Down ... Windows 2000 Server completely screwed. Installed a new Server, transfered all the data, got it online. All System running and NO DATA LOSS and that within a couple of hours.

I challange anyone to do the same with an Exchange Server.

Yes, the interface is sometimes trying and yes, sometimes it does do strange things and it is not the fastest I have ever seen.

But in terms of what it all can do and in terms of system administration, show me something that is faster and easier to handle.

Steffen Gutermann, 2006-01-09

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