10/20/30 revisited

by Volker Weber

While checking some inbound links I found a gem that I overlooked for a whole week. Garret is a presentations pro, and he has some very, very interesting points. I recommend you read his post and his links thoroughly. Having said that, it also leaves me somewhat helpless. What do I do, when I cannot ask for professional help with a presentation? I tell you what I do: I use Apple Keynote with one of the two highest contrast templates (White and Gradient). I don't pretend I can do better than Apple and leaves them as is. Then I start concentrating on the message I want to deliver.

Anyway, here is Garret:

10/20/30 got me laughing at first, then very concerned that people might take it seriously. Presentation is an art and science, distinct from print or web production, and should be respected as such. Should I squeeze Guy Kawasaki%u2019s immense evangelical and sales skills down to a three point rule? I blame this all on the stultifying effect of Powerpoint on the presentation industry. There were more complex, better solutions than Powerpoint for presentation. A three point rule is all it deserves. To be honest, drawing on a cocktail napkin can be more communicative. Nevertheless, I feel I must correct Guy%u2019s points, as cast against various links and my direct experience after 13 years in the business of presentations:

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