Keynote coverage

by Volker Weber

It's less than one hour to the Macworld keynote. And there won't be a live webcast. Lots of websites are trying to run specials, but this has always been the worst possible solution. It is much easier to follow an IRC channel. I recommend you download and install the great Colloquy client and tune into these channels:

IRC Server:
channel #macrumors - moderated channel for updates only
channel #macrumorschat - open to discussion

There are some pretty good rumors now of what is coming up, but I suggest you just wait for Steve to tell you. You can probably skip the first 20 minutes of chest pounding. :-)

Update: The keynote is now available as a Quicktime stream.


Or you can follow the comments live at -- it's updated every 60 seconds.

I think they updated iPhoto just for you, vowe. :-)

Esther Schindler, 2006-01-10

The end of the Powerbook! A significant and (I can't help feeling somehow) slightly tragic day....

Nick Daisley, 2006-01-10

Ich habe doch sehr auf den Media MacMini gewettet und bin daher doch etwas enttäuscht, auch wenn ich meinen Mac Mini schon mit einem externen DVB-T Empfänger ausgestattet habe. Auch das 15,4" Format des neuen Notebooks ist für mich eher nicht interessant.

Karsten Fusenig, 2006-01-10

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