Notes-Customer: Microsoft wants you

by Volker Weber

As part of its ongoing effort to lure customers off of IBM/Lotus Domino and Novell Inc.'s Groupwise, and onto the Exchange Server messaging platform, Microsoft is refreshing its suite of Exchange migration tools.

The suite, code-named Red Bull, will come out right before the annual IBM/Lotus Lotusphere conference in late January in Orlando. Red Bull is expected to include a comprehensive revamp of Microsoft's mail migration tools, and includes an application and analysis analyzer and a recoded Exchange-Notes Connector, said one IT expert who declined to be identified. Red Bull began its trial run in late October 2005.

People are still under NDA, since Microsoft wants to announce this next week. What a coincidence with Lotusphere. :-)

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Does this "perfect timing" surprise you ? Not me, I have seen this kind of announcements before and always had a strange timing :-)

Roberto Boccadoro, 2006-01-12

At least they code named it after something many of us drink at Lotusphere :-)

Bruce Elgort, 2006-01-12


remember, no amount of Red Bull can ever replace a single pint of Guinnotes :-)

Roberto Boccadoro, 2006-01-12

I just hope I can get a decent espresso there now. Ya think they've caught up with the rest of the country? I haven't been since 2003.

Greg Walrath, 2006-01-12

Bruce, under no circumstances should you ever drink this stuff.

I don't know who came up with that name. But Red Bull is all about marketing, no substance, and is generally associated with extremely dangerous activities.

Volker Weber, 2006-01-12

Sounds like a combination of "red herring" and "complete bull"

Ben Rose, 2006-01-12

A MS big wig contacted me about some work which is likely related to this. I spec'd it out and it was a pretty big project, but I ended up turning them down, they didn't make it worth my while to stop Couch development.

I think within the next year you're going to start see a full court press from MS on the Notes customer base, and unlike the past where the emphasis was on mail users, I bet they target businesses running custom Notes apps. Just my guess.

Interesting times...

Damien Katz, 2006-01-12

I've got a set of slides from Microsoft's partner conference in July, 2005, where they talked about "Project Red Bull". How is this new news?

Ed Brill, 2006-01-13

I tested the older MS Application Analyser for Lotus Notes a few months ago. Although I will wait until I see the new version out of beta, I do not anticipate much improvement.

Paul Mooney, 2006-01-13

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