Upgrade your brand new Mac

by Volker Weber

So you just got yourself a new iMac last week and you are not amused that your machine is obsolete?

Thank you for your interest in Apple products. Apple has recently announced several enhancements to our product lines and we are offering customers the option to select one of our new products. You may change your order or request a return using this web site.

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That process worked well for me when I bought my iMac last October. They released the new one (w/iSight, remote) the day after I ordered - but they swapped it all out for the new stuff with $100 credit too!

My concern lies with iLife and iWork. I bought these with the iMac, so I have had then for just over 2 months now. They now release the '06 versions, but offer no upgrade path.

I would expect 6-12 months of free upgrades to be included in the initial purhase and then some kind of upgrade path after that, in addition to the buy new version only option they push you down.

Simon Barratt, 2006-01-12

Apple hat damals bei meiner Bestellung extra bei mir angerufen und nachgefragt, ob ich noch eine Woche warten möchte, dann würde ich das neue Powerbook mit 1.5GHz statt 1.2/1.3?Ghz zum gleichen Preis bekommen. Fand ich sehr zuvorkommend.

Jean Pierre Wenzel, 2006-01-12

I had also ordered my beautiful iMac 1 day before they announced the new model last October. Apple sent to me the same email as mentioned above and offered the new iMac with 1,5 GB instead the 2 GB. I did'nt like this and decided to take the 2,5 GB. Because of this departure from the default model I had to wait 3 month until delivery ...

Otto Foerg, 2006-01-12

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