by Cem Basman

Keeping track of time is an alleged trivial task but it can be a quite annoying procedure. Particularly if your staff is working distributed in different locations. Tiktrac is a brandnew (beta of course) timesheet management software:

Keep track of time within your organisation with a slick Ajax web interface, RSS feeds and CSV data exports. Allow your staff to sign in and log their time efficiently, and never rely on emailing spreadsheets around again. Allow your clients to sign in and view how their time is being used.

Tiktrac are two web developers, working in London and Sydney. Together they form Helicoid.net. A good example of the business in the new web: A simple idea, well implemented according to web standards, state-of-the-art but still a little bit raw. No big money, fancy e-names, boards of directors or advisors. No business networking. Put it just in the web and see what happens.

I like it that way. The web in these days is a huge lab for ideas. Huge. And there is much more to come.


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