by Cem Basman

Innovation is a major driver of economy and human life. Without innovation we would still live in the trees, couldn't have build the pyramids and computers would have not been possible. We know that one of the major key factors to innovation is the "passion" of individuals. But are there also other factors which determine successfully innovation? Is innovative thinking a procedure which can systematically be reproduced? Is there a solid method for innovation? Is there a "group intelligence"? Jason Franklin-Stokes thinks "Yes" and has initiated IGoBeyond:

We are an incubation network of connected creative minds, experts, activists and people with a passion, unleashing groundbreaking new ideas, value add concepts, models, projects and businesses. Our vision: An economy driven by passion where anyone can choose to afford a life of passion, experiencing new learning and personal growth by collaborating with others to create inspiring new businesses whenever they want to - doing what they love most. Our Strategy: To enable everyone in the network to support each other with the collaborative shared infrastructure, processes and resources the network needs so that each individual can profit fairly from the human capital they invest in new ideas.

IGoBeyond is a think tank, a social network, an approach and a method to systematically drive innovative solutions. It has grown within a few weeks into a very productive group of people. The first projects are already in action.

I am very passionate about these ideas. It was very exciting to be part of the team who developed and evaluated the method. I have joined IGoBeyond from the very beginning as a mentor - and a friend of Jason. You may join too. Connect your brain here.


Hi Cem,

sounds exciting!

On the page that it refers to, I did not find a lot of real background information on that...is there a chance to see any of the (initial / intermediate) results of test activities of the think tanks? Some more details about the process behind?

Sure, you'll not share the ideas in progress, but anything, that can explain in more detail, what the is a kind of content of the session that are being refered to?

Without an example, just my 5 cent, this might be misinterpreted as a repetition of the "elevator stories" that I heard a lot about in the late 90ies, when everyone was looking for an investor and was praising his solution as if it was the first man on the moon.

Thank you very much in advance, appreciate all the postings I've seen from you since vowe is on holidays!

Regards: Matthias

Matthias Lorz, 2006-01-20

Thank you for your kind words, Matthias! It's a pleasure to blog here at vowe's place.

Yes, it's exciting with IGoBeyond. I'll have the pleasure to invite you to one of the sessions. I'll pass your mail adress to jason.

No, it's not one of the kitchens where you cook elevator stories and are looking for investors. The main actvity is to creatively and emotionally to develop the idea itself. It is the innovation development process itself (which is much more detailed as it is described on the website) which is of interest. And to answer the question if it is possible to collectively create and innovate ... Well, you have experience it yourself ;)

BTW, I have additionally to point out that there is no dogma or any philosofical group or belief behind this.

Cem Basman, 2006-01-20

Like Matthias I appreciate your contributions here, otherwise January would be a boring voweless period ;-)

igobeyond is certainly a very interesting idea and concept. I have been looking for something like this for a long time. I tried a few initiatives like that myself and they didn't go very far due to the lack of time.

More background info just helps gaining trust and sharing ideas is a lot about trust. The more igobeyond is sharing and publishing about the initiative itself, the more successful it will be. Ok I know, it just started...

Moritz Schroeder, 2006-01-23

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