And the winner is ...

by Volker Weber

As you may recall I was a judge in the "Best in Lotusphere Showcase Award 2006". I don't want to give away too much about the internal process, but there are quite a number of judges for each category, and there were a large two-digit-number of candidates for this "Best in Showcase" award.

I have seen an astonishing number of really good solutions. It's hard to believe how much good and innovative out is out there. And I am happy to say that we ended up giving this award to my favorite: iscoord ephone


Yes, I saw this product at LS2004. It is nice, but v. expensive... Have you seen the prices?!

Andy Mell, 2006-01-24

I wonder, with Siemens, Tandberg and Avaya (and who knows who else) telephony integration into Notes which was announced IIRC for the 7.0.x codestream yet, is there still a market for such a product?

Oliver Regelmann, 2006-01-25

Hi Andy - The market for telephony systems is highly price sensitive and official pricing of e-phone is aligned with the setup of the software client for the Outlook/Exchange solution from ag.

If you look at VoIP projects, it's common to work with project prices. These conditions are normally below the official list prices, also with e-phone.

But e-phone is different because of it's fully implementation into Notes/Workplace environments, resulting in a very low TCO.

Let's give you an example:

e-phone costs per workstation and month: Euro 6-9
Normal PBX costs per workstation and month: Euro 18-26
Basis for this calculation: 60 month

This calculation is even without counting the big efficiency increase you have by using an integrated solution like e-phone.

Chris Peter, 2006-01-25

There are a few fully software based IP telephony systems with VoIP technology on the market today, but e-phone is not only fully integrated but also fully based on IBM technology Notes/Domino and Workplace.

We see e-phone as an add-on to existing telephony infrastructure. Wherever a workplace is equiped with PC and LAN/Internet access, it's a clear advantage to have the telephony integrated into your existing collaboration & communication platform.

Chris Peter, 2006-01-25

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