Special Agent (2)006

by Volker Weber

Special Agent 006

Jason Alexander

Mike Rhodin

Ron Sebastian

Craig Hayman

Alistair Rennie

Ken Bisconti

Maureen Leeland

Sandra Marcus

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Nice pictures (especially the one with the silhouette). :)

What camera/lens did you use?

Florian Sander, 2006-01-27

Interesting recurring theme in the use of hands while addressing the audience, I fancy.

Thinking about it some more, the most watched speaker in the house (considering that I/we don't attend these jamborees in person) is probably Steve Jobs and it occurs to me that he always has the remote in one hand which prevents him from 'cutting shapes' (as I believe the young people call dancing involving the use of hands in describing geometric shapes) in the manner that some of these speakers are.

Cut me some slack, it's late/early and I should be alseep - hence the bizarre 'sharing'!

John Ash, 2006-01-28

What does it say about Lotus' innovation when CEO Rhodin makes keynote wearing a mock-turtleneck! I hope he slung on his Member's Only jacket when he got chilly.

And surprising not to see more blogged about Maureen Leland's keynote crash. Though it did wake up the audience during that part.

Dante Skisher, 2006-01-28

Dante, I am not that surprised. Most Lotusphere bloggers are technical people who understand how this happens. Plus, Maureen is a darling. Plus, Lotusphere bloggers are Lotus fanboys. :-)

Volker Weber, 2006-01-28

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