by Volker Weber

Lotus, hire a journalist to work in media relations. Or better yet, hire a journalist with a pitbull that can turn wishes into commands. A journalist understands what other journalists need. And while you are doing this, let me run down a list of what a journalist needs when reporting about Lotusphere:

  1. Fact sheets, one per product announced at the conference, including pricing and availability. If you announce something in the Opening General Session, make sure the facts are written down.
  2. Screenshots of same products in a format that is neither scaled down nor compressed with a lossy algorithm.
  3. Pictures from the conference, taken by a professional photographer.
  4. Conference artwork such as logos in a format that is neither scaled down nor compressed with a lossy algorithm.

And here is a list of what journalists do not need:

  1. This.

I have been there. I can compensate a lot of what is missing. But there is nothing I can do about missing screenshots. Ed has provided some Hannover screenshots that look fine on the web. Thank you for doing this. However those cannot be used in print. Here is why:

It's not like IBM does not have the necessary skills. This photo is fit for print. It's just that Lotus can't seem to do it.

We have been asking for better graphics for years. Last year I sweet talked someone in a lab to create a screenshot and send it my way via media relations (lab personell is instructed not to work with the press). I saw the mail going out but it ended up in the bermuda triangle. This year I have asked for screenshots three months before Lotusphere and then again three weeks before the conference. Should have been ample time to prepare them.

Next time someone complains that there is not enough buzz around Lotus in the press, come back here.

Update: I just received help from inside Lotus bypassing the PR channel. Thanks! Screenshots do exist after all. They only have a hard time escaping. :-)


Reminds me to :
"Once I like to work with professionals"

Thorsten Ebers, 2006-01-29

Most people don't know the difference between pixel and dpi.
Displays only need 72 dpi but print media at least 150 dpi.

Tobias Mueller, 2006-01-29

Too true. I spent 3 DAYS trying to get some official Domino and WAS logos for my presentation - to no avail.

And before anyone asks, yes I did check the partner site - it's not there either (even in the enormous graphics library).

Warren Elsmore, 2006-01-29

Meanwhile the link to "This photo" seems to point to something completely different - for me it looks like an server, even if it is an IBM one at least.


Dirk Denzer, 2006-01-30

Seems to be a stupid comment of me, if i understand correct, "this photo" should be only an example that IBM is able to provide pictures in high quality.

Forget about the comment above if I am right,

Dirk Denzer, 2006-01-30

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