Yes, I do. - No, You don't.

by Volker Weber

Apparantly, editors from the range of IP addresses belonging to the United States Congress have been banned (or are about to be banned?) from Wikipedia.

Making up the truth does not seem to work as well as you thought, eh?


I think I should point out that the individuals named so far do *not* consist of the ruling party in Washington, the Republicans. Specifically, US Rep Marty Meehan's staff is the only rep taken to task by name, and Meehan is a Democrat from my state of Massachusetts. Yes, it is safe to assume that Rep. Meehan is about to receive a pointed lesson in ethics, from yours truly among others (he isn't my Rep, he's from a nearby district, but still...).

/yeah, we liberals will own up to the poor behavior of our representatives when appropriate.

Rob McDonagh, 2006-01-31

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