New frames - again

by Volker Weber


Remember the new frames I got a month ago? During our return flight from Orlando I noticed that the paint was coming off. So I went to the store Friday at noon and they immediately ordered new ones for me. Since I did not trust "gun-metal", a new color introduced this season, I did not want to try that one again. There were four other choices: chrome, black, tt-grey and matt-copper. I could rule out copper, and then could not decide between the other three. First I went for black, but then called in again an hour later when all of my friends recommended chrome.

So, chrome it was. I picked them up today and now I am very happy with them. Much nicer than gun-metal. It took less than five minutes to remove the lenses from the old frames and put them into the new ones. And there were no tools required to complete the task.

This picture is still valid. :-)


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