by Volker Weber


This girl bought one:

This one is real and pretty scary:

If it was a different country it would probably be used in the UN as evidence of terrorist activity.

Carl Tyler, 2006-02-01

Carl, you are watching some scary stuff. As for the second video: These people should be on the receiving end of this nonsense.

Volker Weber, 2006-02-02

Because they're having fun making noise shooting and blowing up inanimate objects? It's the jump from objects to people where it gets scary.

Carl - some people would say Oklahoma is a different country.

Jon Johnston, 2006-02-02

Man, I love the telesales-spoof. Spot on. And yes, sales of arms is BIG Business which is never really publicised. It is also the single biggest source of high-level bribing I know of, and since it is so tightly interlinked with high politics, I do not think any politician is spontaneously going to inject transparency. Whenever Chirac or Blair go to China and come back to have a military order or some civilian planes, how many people have been bribed? More frighteningly, most newspapers in France belong to big industrial groups who also make loads of weapons : dassault and lagardere. Scary, huh?

Do any of you know any authoritative source on volume of weapons sold, who buys, etc?

Andrew Magerman, 2006-02-02 has some reports and figures per region.
A lot to read... unfortunately.

Christophe Dehon, 2006-02-02

Thanks Christophe!

Andrew Magerman, 2006-02-03

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