Google death penalty - on probation

by Volker Weber

Now that has been removed from the Google index, I hope that BMW removes those people from their workforce who have caused this mess.

Been there, done that. A former "enterprise" client has also demanded that their website ranks higher on search engines for very generic terms. Whatever snake oil the SEO gang tries to sell you, it never replaces substance: Publish excellent content, get involved, get linked to.

Update: BMW has removed the webspam and Google has put back into the index.

Comments has now been put on probation for similar reasons, as Google's Matt Cutts writes in his blog. He also shows off an example of what BMW Germany's doorway pages looked like. Very reminiscent of online casino sites and the like...

Martin Switaiski, 2006-02-05

You have always to idiot-proof ideas and concepts ... Particularly if something goes public. There is always a dumbass who can (and will) spoil your game.

Cem Basman, 2006-02-05

Just my saying ... there are no "tricks" in the SEO World ... you'll get cought and that will hurt.

Just do the standard.

Steffen Gutermann, 2006-02-06

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